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Restoration of posterior teeth and anterior teeth


The restoration procedure helps to eliminate the defects of teeth in the anterior section of the jaw. It is an artistic process since maintaining the aesthetics of the front teeth is very important. The dentist is required to develop an aesthetic sense and an excellent mastery of nanocomposite technology. It is necessary not only to restore the anatomical and functional characteristics (which is vital) but also to give the tooth a natural shade. The finished restoration should look as natural as possible and not differ from the neighboring teeth. In our clinics, we have first-class dentists and general practitioners who provide excellent results to patients. In our work, we use high-quality materials to achieve excellent results.

Indications for front teeth restoration.

— Injuries to the anatomical crown of the tooth (for example, chipped)

— Tooth decay due to caries.

— Non-carious lesions — abrasion, wedge-shaped defects, etc.

— Anomalies of the shape of the teeth.

— Other aesthetic defects.

Stages of the direct method of restoration.

The restoration of the frontal teeth includes the following steps:

1. Professional teeth cleaning from plaque and tartar;

2. Determining the color of the future crown, using a special palette of shades;

3. Dissection of the tooth, the purpose of which is to remove tissues damaged by caries;

4. The use of cofferdam, rubber film, which allows excluding the ingress of moisture on the restored tooth during treatment;

5. Direct modeling of the tooth crown by applying a light-cured material;

6. Improving the shape of the tooth, achieved with the help of a drill;

7. Grinding and polishing of the restored tooth.

This procedure is carried out for one visit to the dentist. The duration of the artistic restoration fluctuates within an hour.

Indirect restoration.

Restoration of the frontal teeth can also be carried out indirectly using veneers, and ceramic linings, which are fixed with the help of composite glue. This procedure is carried out by an orthopedist. After choosing the color of the future product, the specialist will grind the tooth and take an impression. At the time of manufacture, the veneer was worn temporary model. The use of indirect restoration is more expensive, but the technique is simpler, and the professional skills of the dentist are less significant.

Features of the procedure.

From the nature of human teeth have a variety of optical properties: light transmission ability, fluorescence, opalescence, and light shine. The filling materials of previous generations reproduced these characteristics rather poorly, and therefore the seals were very noticeable. At Marina Dentists restorations are carried out using nanocomposites — unique materials with ultra-small particle size. They are characterized by high polishability and long-lasting gloss preservation. All listed natural properties of enamel are preserved. Due to this, the reconstructed area is indistinguishable from the tooth’s tissues.

Marina Dentists invites you to be examined in the comfort of well-equipped clinics. The doctor will diagnose and help you choose the best way to correct the defect based on the individual characteristics of the patient. If necessary, in our clinics you can install veneers, which will allow achieving an even more expressive result. Choose a convenient time to visit the clinic and make an appointment at the phone number listed on the site. 


The function of the lateral teeth is to chew food. To achieve maximum effect, the chewing teeth group is characterized by certain features, such as a wide surface, and the presence of tubercles and cavities. Preservation of the anatomical shape is an important part of the restoration since it is precisely these factors that ensure the even distribution of the chewing load. With the insufficient quality restoration of lateral teeth in certain places there is an increase in load, which leads to the formation of microcracks, and subsequently, chipping of the filling or part of the tooth.

Stages direct restoration.

Direct restoration consists of the following stages:

-cleaning of plaque;

-determine the color of the future fillings;

-removal of caries-damaged tissues;

-the installation of pins used to strengthen the destroyed tooth;

-modeling of the tooth crown;

-grinding and polishing.

For the restoration of teeth using the most modern materials, characterized by their strength and similarity with natural enamel. Used photopolymers characterized by the ability to harden only under the action of a particular light source. This allows the dentist to apply a filling material in layers, increasing the strength of the seal. However, with significant destruction of the tooth, the use of this technique may be ineffective.

Restoration by the indirect method.

With significant destruction, the restoration of the posterior teeth can occur by the indirect method and consist of the installation of tabs or artificial crowns. The tab is used if half of the tooth remains saved. Its production is carried out in a dental laboratory using durable ceramics or composite materials. By its qualities, it turns out to be stronger than the filling. In cases where the tooth is destroyed by more than 50%, it is de-pulped, the only possible method for its preservation is prosthetics with an artificial crown.

Due to the important role of the lateral group of teeth, the choice of a dental center is of great importance for a high-quality restoration. Clinics Marina Dentists at the same time are characterized by several advantages. Our doctors constantly engaged in improving professional skills, using the latest achievements of modern dentistry in their work. Equipping the clinic with innovative materials and modern equipment creates significant prerequisites for obtaining high-quality results.