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Ceramic restorations

If you have missing, broken, cracked or crooked teeth, a ceramic restoration may be just what you need. Ceramic restorations are porcelain dental materials used to restore your teeth in areas where fillings aren’t suitable. They’re incredibly strong and durable and look just like real teeth, so no one will notice anything unusual about your teeth except for the fact that you have a great smile.

Why you need Ceramic Dental Fillings

There are several different types of fillings your dentist can use, but a ceramic filler works best for some situations. These include:

- When you need a large section of the tooth restored because part of it has broken off or been damaged.

- When the tooth is used for heavy work, such as a molar.

- If you grind your teeth.

Ceramic Inlays

A ceramic inlay is placed within the tooth to replace damaged or decayed sections. It is specially designed outside of the mouth before fitting and isn’t noticeable once it’s in place.

Ceramic Onlays

A ceramic onlay is put over part of the surface of a tooth. Before fitting, it is specially designed to fit the damaged part of the tooth and makes an incredibly strong alternative for a damaged section.

Ceramic Crowns 

A ceramic crown covers the entire surface of the tooth and is usually used when there’s a lot of damage from a crack or a cavity. This is a more intensive procedure, as the tooth must be filed down before the crown is put in place.

The Benefits of Ceramic Fillings

Ceramic fillings look just like your real teeth. They’re colored to blend in so no one notices that you’ve had work done, and all they see is your great smile. They’re also incredibly strong and durable, and because they fit so naturally to your teeth you can clean them the same as you do the rest of your mouth.