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Dental trauma treatment (Accident)

The term “dental trauma” refers to many types of injuries to your teeth or the surrounding area of the mouth. These injuries range from a tooth simply being pushed out of alignment due to an impact, broken or fractured teeth, teeth being completely knocked out of position, and also injuries to the soft tissue. 

The following list gives examples of some of the most common tooth trauma treatments in Auckland and advice on what you should do if it happens to you.

Avulsed Teeth:

When a tooth has been completely knocked out of the mouth due to an injury, the first step is to try to find the tooth and carefully clean it. It may be possible to put the tooth back in place yourself if it is an adult tooth. Do not put the tooth back if it is a baby tooth as it can damage the developing adult tooth. However, it is generally recommended to seek immediate dental injury treatment after having stored the tooth in a small container of milk. When finding the tooth, refrain from touching the root part.

Extruded Teeth:

When a tooth is generally out of place, such as being forced backward or forward, for example, you may be able to gently push it back into position. Don’t force it. Call us to make an emergency appointment.

Fractured Teeth:

The extent of the fracture will be important to assess, but regardless of how badly the tooth is fractured, it is important to seek professional help. In the case of a minor fracture, the tooth may be able to be repaired. For more severe fractures, the tooth may need to be completely removed and then replaced. In any event, it is important not to simply leave it as it is, because it could become infected.

Soft Tissue Trauma:

Injuries to the soft tissue in the mouth often occur from a fall or other impact. This can include damage to the tongue, from accidentally biting down on it during a fall, and also the lips and gums. Any injuries in this area of the body can cause heavy bleeding and intense pain. It is recommended that you first attempt to minimize the bleeding, and then immediately call for an emergency appointment.

General Advice on Tooth Trauma Treatment

If you do not know the true extent of the injury, it is important to stay calm and get on your way to the dentist. Assessing yourself or another injured person can be difficult due to heavy bleeding, which often occurs in the mouth due to the large blood supply, and it can be made even more difficult by the intense pain which can affect judgment.

If the injured person is unconscious, due to being knocked out or otherwise, you should take them to the hospital immediately – not the dentist. Once they have been stabilized and any other injuries have been assessed and treated by a doctor, then the decision can be made on whether a visit to the local dental trauma center is necessary.

Marina Dentists has 2 clinics and we are ready to take your calls for emergency support. 

Our professional staff is on hand to handle emergencies, so don’t hesitate to take action as soon as possible to avoid further complications due to the initial injury.