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Free teen dentistry

What is it?

At Marina Dentists, our Oral Health Therapists and Dentists are dedicated to offering exceptional complimentary dental services to teenagers, from Year 9 up until their 18th birthday.

We are a family-oriented dental practice that takes pride in catering to teenagers, recognizing the unique challenges and changes they face during puberty, which can significantly affect their dental health just as much as their overall physical and emotional well-being.

The importance of dental care during childhood cannot be overstated, with the school dental service playing a crucial role in the regular assessment of your child's dental health. This includes identifying any issues early on and providing guidance on effective teeth cleaning practices. The teenage years are pivotal for reinforcing these healthy habits, setting the foundation for a lifetime of excellent oral hygiene. Our complimentary dental services are designed not only to keep your teen's teeth and gums healthy but also to educate them on proper dental care at home. Instilling these practices during adolescence is key to ensuring the longevity of their oral health and vibrant smiles into adulthood.

Under New Zealand's free dental care program, teenagers are entitled to an annual dental examination at no cost. Should any dental concerns arise between scheduled visits, such as toothaches, additional appointments can be made free of charge.

Our no-cost dental services for teenagers encompass:

- Annual dental examinations

- Teeth cleaning, scaling, and polishing

- Dental X-rays

- Fillings

- Preventative treatments, including fissure sealants and fluoride treatments

- Tooth extractions (excluding orthodontic purposes)

- Root canal treatments

Should your teen require more comprehensive dental treatments not covered by the free services, we assure you that we are fully equipped to address all their dental needs within our clinic.

Please note, that orthodontic procedures like braces and other teeth alignment treatments are not included in the free dental care for teens.

Not all dental practices participate in the free dental care program for teenagers. As a registered provider, Marina Dentists ensures that your teen's oral health is in capable hands. Leverage our free dentistry services for teens to ease their worries during their formative years.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our complimentary dental services for teenagers.