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Sinus lifts

What is it for?

The fact is that in the bones of the skull there are cavities — maxillary sinuses. If the volume of the alveolar ridge is insufficient, the implant, the length of which can reach 18 mm, will break through the membrane of the sinus and will not be securely fixed in its cavity. To assess the amount and quality of bone tissue allows radiography. Only after a preliminary diagnostic study, the doctor makes a decision about the need for sinus lifting.

Sinus lifting procedure

A hole will be made in the area of the planned implant installation. With the help of a special elevation kit, the dental surgeon raises the bottom of the maxillary sinus and introduces osteoplastic material into the resulting space. With a small deficit of bone tissue, implantation can be carried out simultaneously with sinus lift. The decision is made by a specialist on the basis of individual anatomical features of the patient.

Contraindications to sinus lifting are impaired blood clotting, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, myocardial and pre-infarction conditions, cancer, mental disorders.

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