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Zip interest-free finance

Treat your smile now, pay later

Own it now, pay later. Say 'goodbye' to wishing and waiting. Say 'hello' to owning and loving it. Own it now.

For treatments under $1000, ZIP is an excellent option. Spread your treatment cost over 4 fortnightly payments.(interest free).

You can download the app or go online and apply and get approval in minutes.

Learn more and apply online now!To pay for treatment using ZIP you need to be over 18 years of age, have a New Zealand debit or credit card, and be living in New Zealand.


How do i make a zip payment at my appointment?

Let our staff know prior to your appointment that you wish to use ZIP as your payment method. To make a payment with ZIP, you can download the ZIP mobile app (available on apple or android) or log-in/create an account on the website. You then simply navigate to “in-store” and create an in-store QR code which is shown to staff to process the amount charged or (spend up to your available balance- ZIP approved)

I need help setting up my ZIP account?

Just ask our staff at the front desk to help you on the day of your appointment or call the ZIP support team at 09 489 8144.
You can find more Frequently Asked Questions answered here.


You can find more Frequently Asked Questions answered here