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Denture repair

At Marina Dentists, we offer a range of denture services, crafting new ones and providing repairs or refits for existing ones. Dentures, whether complete or partial, serve the dual purpose of enhancing appearance and facilitating functionality. Patients choose us for making new dentures or restoring and refitting old ones.

Wearers may find the experience of prosthetic fractures or denture breakage challenging as these prosthetics enable normal speech, chewing, and eating. Breakages, more common in upper dentures, can be embarrassing during social events. We strive to promptly deliver repaired or new dentures to address such instances.

Whether dentures can be repaired or new ones are needed depends on the extent and cause of the break. Small breakages may be fixed at home with a denture repair kit, available at most local stores. Clinic visits may allow for immediate repair, while more extensive cases may involve sending dentures to the dental lab. Our dentists discuss options based on individual cases.

Apart from repairing broken dentures, our dentists address ill-fitting or misaligned ones, caused by falls or impacts. Fixing dentures to implants is a viable solution, preventing removal and reducing the risk of breakage. This also helps prevent bone loss associated with repeated denture wearing. While dentures traditionally act as removable replacements for missing teeth, they offer a more affordable alternative to dental implants.