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Denture repair

Broken  dentures

Dentures are false teeth that are placed inside the mouth to replace fallen or removed teeth. Dentures can be a complete set or a partial set and can also be created to replace a few missing teeth in a specific area within the mouth. The purpose of dentures is both for cosmetic enhancement and functional use. We at Marina Dentists provide all sorts of services related to dentures. Patients come to us to get new dentures made or to have their old ones repaired or refitted.

Prosthetic fractures or dentures breaking in half can be a difficult experience for the wearer because dentures give them the ability to speak, chew and eat normally. This is more common with the upper set than the lower ones. Breakage of dentures can also be an embarrassing fact if one has a social gathering or a public appearance due, which we understand and attempt to deliver the repaired or new dentures as soon as we can.

Whether the denture can be repaired or new ones have to be made completely depends on the extent of the break and its cause. Sometimes small and unimportant breakages in dentures may be fixed at home with a denture repair kit. These can be easily found at most local medicine stores. They are meant for emergency repair and are not to be used for long term fixes. Sometimes at the clinic we may be able to repair your denture in one visit only. In other cases, it may need to be sent back to the dental lab. If the latter case is true then our dentists will discuss with you your options at this point.

Not just broken dentures, but ill-fitting ones or misaligned dentures which may have fallen from one’s hand and altered their shape on impact can be realigned or fixed by the dentists. Fixing denture to implants can be a good way of avoiding removal and hence reduces the risk of denture breakage. Also, bone loss is associated with repeated denture wearing and making them a permanent fixture in the mouth may be a good way to prevent this.Dentures traditionally act as a removable replacement for missing teeth and a more affordable alternative to dental implants.