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Dr. Alex Mechkov
Dr. Alex Mechkov

Leading dentist at Marina Dentists.

He brings 25 years of expertise in treating root canal pulpitis

What does root canal therapy entail?

Root canal treatment entails the removal of the pulp, which is the soft tissue located in the center of the tooth. After eliminating the damaged, infected, or deceased pulp, the vacant area is thoroughly cleaned, medicated, shaped, and filled with appropriate material. This procedure effectively seals the root canal.

In the past, teeth with compromised pulp were typically extracted; however, modern root canal treatment offered at our clinic enables the preservation of these teeth.

What makes pulpitis perilous?

  • Formation of a purulent abscess
  • Deterioration of the surrounding bone
  • Toothache
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What are the indicators that suggest you may require treatment?

For a precise diagnosis, we recommend reaching out to our highly skilled dentists at Marina Dentists. Nevertheless, here are several symptoms associated with the condition:

  1. Discomfort or pain while chewing
  2. Heightened sensitivity and discomfort to low and high temperatures
  3. Darkening of the affected tooth
  4. Swelling of the gums surrounding the tooth
  5. Persistent or recurring formation of a pimple
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Experiencing one or more of these symptoms? Schedule an appointment with us - we'll restore your tooth within 14 days!

Our approach to root canal treatment

Here are the steps Marina Dentists patients undergo on their journey to healthy teeth:

  1. Treatment Planning Creating a comprehensive plan based on a detailed examination with a computed tomogram. This examination assesses the structure and count of root canals, the extent and location of any inflammation, the presence of foreign objects within the pulp space, or any microcracks in the tooth.
  2. Tooth access This phase includes isolating the tooth using a rubber dam, a special material that blocks saliva and water from contaminating the treatment area. Such meticulous preparation adheres to high-quality standards, significantly reducing potential complications.
  3. Infected Tissue Removal Access to the canals is made through the crown of the tooth. At this point, the dentist removes all tissues compromised by decay, including dentin and pulp. If undergoing retreatment, previously sealed canals are reopened.
  4. Root Canal Treatment Given the canals’ narrowness (less than 1 mm), the dentist employs specialized micro-instruments for enlargement and uses an apex locator to precisely measure their depth. Each canal is then disinfected with antiseptic solutions and further treated with ultrasound. To ensure thoroughness, an X-ray is taken immediately in the dental chair.
  5. Canal Filling Our clinic uses gutta-percha, a modern filling material known for its allergy-free properties, durability, and ability to conform tightly to the canal shape. The filling’s density and consistency are verified by X-ray, ensuring the treatment’s success and preventing future complications or recurrence.
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Your treated tooth will have long-lasting durability!

With proper maintenance, a tooth restored in our clinic can provide a lifetime of functionality. It’s crucial to uphold excellent oral hygiene practices and attend regular dental check-ups to minimize the risk of decay and other issues.

Following root canal treatment, a tooth may become more delicate due to the absence of pulp. This factor should be considered when deciding between placing a crown or filling the tooth.

Comparing new x-rays with previous ones is the most reliable method to assess the success of the treatment, as it indicates whether the bone has been adequately restored.

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