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Complex Professional Hygiene Packages

Experience comprehensive dental care with our Complex Professional Рygiene Packages, designed to keep your smile radiant and healthy following dental implantation. Valid until May 31, 2024, these packages offer a spa-like experience for you or your family, ensuring long-lasting oral health through a series of professional cleanings.

Choose from our specially curated packages:
  • Purchase four cleaning sessions and receive one additional session at no cost, all for $760. This option is perfect for maintaining impeccable oral hygiene throughout the year.
  • Opt for our seven cleaning sessions package and enjoy two more cleanings as our gift to you, for a total of $1330. This package is designed for those seeking extended care or for smaller families.
  • For the ultimate dental maintenance program, select our package of ten cleanings and receive three extra sessions free of charge, priced at $1900. Ideal for larger families or those wanting the utmost in dental care commitment.
Each cleaning is performed using the latest techniques and equipment, ensuring a thorough and relaxing experience. Plus, with the bonus cleanings included in each package, you can ensure that your smile and those of your loved ones remain bright, healthy, and beautiful for years to come.